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Current Life ON 28.2.18 AT 9:53 pm
Hello again my non-existence audience. As usual, I'm back here again just because I am so bored even though I have a work to do but since the deadline is next myself/ I actually have nothing much to say. Uhm, my semester break is over and currently on the second week of new semester. Of course with new challenge, but not yet new friends (you know I always keep only small circle of friends just because I am not used to suddenly become friendly with any other people). All the classes are okay for now, still trying to adapt to some new syllabus and time table but yeah so far so good.

I think I haven't say anything yet here about how my Kpop life nowadays. Being into Kpop for 9 years now and of course, my love for INFINITE and Kim Myungsoo still didn't fade. Still remain strong as ever. But, few months back, on August to be exact, suddenly a monster rookie group from PD101 comes into my life. Wanna One, yeah the superior Wanna One. I don't even watch PD101 because I'm not into survival shows concept (but fml I'm keeping on track with Idol Producer now). I knew Wanna One on the last episode of PD101 because it was freaking trending but at that time I still haven't being into them, well until I watched The Return of Superman and this guy named Ong Seongwoo caught my attention lol. After that I started knowing them slowly and I couldn't even pick any bias for about 2 months, I guess? AND BAM! Idek how, this little kid named Bae Jinyoung suddenly attract this noona's attention. And you doesn't want to know how whipped I am to him up until now.

Knowing Wanna One makes me know a lot of friends. I literally entered a Whatsapp group chat just because I want to know more about Wanna One. Little did I know, the group chat literally brings me to their concert, get the chance to know wonderful person like Fauza, Timi, Amirah, Kak Iman, Dee and more. From internet friends to meeting irl so quick. I am so thankful to Wanna One lol.

And apparently, I suddenly into their fancafe so I decided to join but yea basically the level up is so hard and I failed leveling up recently. So I followed a private twitter that gives the update on what happening at the fancafe. After that, the owner of the twitter a.k.a Cha-nim decided to make a kkt gc so that she can update more there. And fast forward, I know even more nice people there and it's international eheu. I love all of them and we are supporting each other's back on buying Wanna One things ㅋㅋㅋ. Shoutout to my beloved Fauza, Kira, Rey, Gain, Meut, Byul, Ferd, Shiels, Cam, Hipo and more! I love you guys so much. 사랑해요!!

Last but not least, to my beloved mutuals, Bianca, Cherry and Abbie, I hope all of you are doing fine. I miss all of you so much even though I am not good in words. Stay healthy and stay strong!

Okay I think that's all the random things that I wanna share today. See you when I see you!

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