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Degree Life ON 10.1.18 AT 11:45 pm
안녕 애들아~ 오랜만이에요~~ ㅋㅋ . Oh wow, it has been a really long time I didn't come here. Surely missing blogging a lot and i'm regretting that I left this blogging world as I couldn't remember a single bit about coding (which I used to be pretty good on it back then lol) now ㅠㅠ I wish I could spend some time to learn about all of those interesting codes again ( I should consult Wana or Hyung aha )

Ok enough with all the crap(?) ㅋㅋ So, yeah, I'm back. With a new mission, new vision, new goals to be achieved. I'm currently doing my degree on Accounting at my beloved University (guess where lol) ㅋㅋㅋ Nevermind, don't waste your time. I'm still here, in the peaceful jungle, far away in Sintok. Spending 4 more precious years here. Creating more memories with my friends, either a sweet or sour or even bitter memories.

Degree life is tiring, of course. Nothing is easy in this world. No effort, then no gain. I am literally still quite struggling to adapt this whole new situation, even though I have been here for a year, but the surrounding is toooooo different. And the fact that I am at Inasis that is freaking 3KM away from main campus itself is the challenge. Everything's fine, the room is bigger, the toilet is okay, but the transportation is quite challenging especially during weekend. It was quite hard to go find foooodss (orz no it's not true it's just that I'm too lazy to go out from my room lol)

Time sure flies too fast, can you imagine waking up then you already finish your degree, already graduate, have jobs, and married (opps) ?? It's literally 2018 now. 2017 passes just like that. Too much thing happened, and 2017 was like, idk, quite worse year? I have finished the first sem of degree and I don't know about exams, just hoping the best result, In syaa Allah. Till next time, loves.

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