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Little Moments ON 17.4.18 AT 5:09 pm
Hello everyone i'm back here again after some busy (((read:lazy))) times. Time surely flies soooo fast as we are half through April already. Ramadhan in less then a month, then final exam for this hectic 2nd semester then baammmm i'll be on my semester break for more less 3 months!

Okay the thing that I wanted to rant about today is on appreciating every single little time, little moments that you have in your life. This topic comes out as I'm remembering that we have barely 8-9 months left with Wanna One (( cries in Korean )). I know that it's still such a long way to go but I have to make myself familiar with the bitter fact that all Wannables around the world have to accept. We surely have to make this year as the most memorable year ever.

Even though I am sad that I can't go to their final concert which will happen here on 21st of July, but yeah I probably doesn't really mind by now as I don't want to be a bad daughter as both of my parents don't allow me to go to any concerts anymore sobs. I'm glad that I went to their fanmeeting last January even though it's such a painful memory but looking back at all my fancams, it's surely a sweet memory. Like for real, they are so amazing, seeing them singing live right in front of my eyes, and especially I can hear the legendary Never song!! How cool is that ;;;;;;;;;;;;

Furthermore, I am so thankful that I met a lot of wonderful people, the one who always gives me words of encouragement whenever I fell down through my emo hours (( which is 25/8 lol forgive me guys )) . I do feel some sorts of guilty as they have to bear with my emo tweets every single time. But sobs they are such a kind soul. I love you guys. Gain, Anna, Byul, Rey, Meut, Elin, Fauza, Kira, Ina, Ann, Cherry, Bianca, Karen, Abbie, THANKYOU SO MUCH!!! <3

Ok I think that's all my small rant for today. Till we meet again soon, loves!

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